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Français English Español
agaçant annoying molesto
aggressif aggressive agresivo
antipathique unsympathetic apático
arrogant arrogant arrogante
avare mean = stingy mezquino, avaro
bavard talkative charlatán
cruel, méchant mean = cruel cruel
d'un humour noir moody malhumorado
distrait forgetful olvidadizo
dominant dominant dominante
égoïste selfish egoísta
ennuyeux dull = boring aburrido
envieux envious envidioso
excentrique eccentric excéntrico
faible weak débil
faux deceitful falso
fier proud = arrogant orgulloso
fourbe dishonest deshonesto
frivole frivolous frívolo
hypocrite hypocritical hipócrita

impatient impatient impaciente
impertinent cheeky atrevido
impoli rude = impolite descortés
imprévisible unpredictable impredecible
impulsif impulsive impulsivo
indifférent indifferent indiferente
insensible insensitive insensible
insolent insolent insolente
introverti introverted introvertido
irascible irascible irascible
irresponsable irresponsible irresponsable
irrévérencieux disrespectful irrespetuoso
jaloux jealous celoso
matérialiste materialistic materialista
modeste modest modesto
non fiable, peu fiable unreliable = untrustworthy desconfiable
obsédé obsessed obsesionado
paresseux lazy haragán
pessimiste pessimistic pesimista
peu solide insecure inseguro
rancunier spiteful rencoroso
sévère strict estricto
solitaire lonely solitario
têtu, obstiné stubborn = obstinate obstinado
timide shy tímido
vaniteux vain = conceited vanidoso
vantard boastful fanfarrón
qui a mauvais caractère bad-tempered malhumorado

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